About Belle

My name is Belle. Lamb and Lark is just one person, me! Unless you would like a 2nd shooter. Then it's me plus someone I trust.

I won't go into some long and dramatic narrative about wanting to capture all of your precious moments inside a gazebo overlooking a mountain range. I do want to capture your day, but I am more likely to use the word badass over precious, and can we just burn down all gazebos, k thanks.  I am not interested in convincing you that I'm right for you. I believe people can feel when something is good, and I think you will feel if this is a fit. Just like you felt something different and good about your person. Some part of you will look at my work and read this bio and just know. And I trust that. 

My priority at this point in my career is to work with couples who I connect with. This will be my 10th year shooting full time and I am not looking to bulk up my portfolio or shoot for publication.

I want to work with couples who are like me - laid back, good sense of humor, appreciates creativity and play. That is my priority. I do my best work when I vibe with my couples and we feel like we get each other, and that isn't a feeling you can force.