How to not suck (at wedding photography)

Are you afraid you suck at wedding photography? Do you want to not suck? Have you never shot a wedding and want to, but are terrified to do it? I can help you with that. I want to make you a great wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is an entirely different beast than any other type of photography. I gave birth to my photography career shooting weddings, and that will be what puts me in my grave (lol, just kidding...maybe).

Over 10 years of shooting full time has given me a lot of trial and error and waaaay too much practice dealing with insane wedding parties, weird weather, and contract tweaking. Weddings are basically a day of zero control that you need to make work, no matter what, all while being creative, weather proof, professional, and a time lord to boot. Multitasking is an understatement. 

That is where I come in. I have been mentoring baby wedding photographers (and occasionally some more seasoned ones) for 4 years now. This is really my favorite thing, and if I'm honest I actually started mentoring other photographers in my 3rd season shooting, but if I'm still being honest I probably wasn't all that great at it back then. Hopefully I get props for ambition at least..

If you are a newb to wedding photography and want to not suck, or you've been doing it a little while and want to stop sucking, I'm your Girl Friday (or maybe Saturday would be more appropriate for this line of work).

We can cover pretty much ANYTHING as it relates to wedding photography, some possibilities are : 

  •  How to make a better contract/how to even make a contract/what is a contract
  •  Tips/tricks on shooting the wedding party/how to make it fun
  •  How to deal with bad weather on a wedding day/oh fuck
  •  How to make a photography timeline for the day of
  •  What to do when the caterer sucks and doesn't want to feed you
  •  What to put on your wedding questionnaire for the couple
  •  How to prepare yourself to do your very best couple photos/how I do them
  •  How much time for everything/anything??
  •  Communication with your couples
  •  How to balance your money coming in so you can avoid living in a cardboard box
  •  What equipment do you REALLY need
  •  Being in that sticky situation of being a vendor and not being treated well (by   Uncle bob, MoB, Groomsmen, you fill in the blank)
  •  Anything else your brain can come up with...

Things I don't cover :

  • How to use your camera - you need to know how to do this well before you            come to me. I shoot how I know how to shoot, from years of being self taught, so this is an area I would rather let others teach.
  • How to edit - I am happy to tell you how I edit in general, and give you tips on finding your own style of editing, but learning how to edit is not what I am here to teach you. 


Basically my mentor sessions are for picking my brain/experiences/what i've learned over the last decade to keep my couples happy and myself sane.


Mentor sessions are done via FaceTime or Skype (or in person if you are in Portland, OR or Grand Rapids, MI) after I gather some initial information from you to help me understand what you really want to learn about.

After a mentor session we have 1 cycle of email exchanges to further expound on what we talked about (not a bunch of totally new stuff, damn girl that is what another mentor session is for) during our session. One cycle means you send me your clarification questions/thoughts/ideas on the topics we covered, I send you my witty and mind blowing responses. 


Most newb photographers mentor with me for 2-4 sessions to get the main info they need to not suck at wedding photography. Some only mentor for 1 session to get a few things they aren't sure about, some mentor for 6+ to really drain my brain. It's all up to you.

1 hour mentor session via FaceTime or Skype : $125

Fly me to your location of choice (for real, this happens) and have me 1 on 1 for Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday to mentor, do shoots, and basically get an intensive wedding photography education in one weekend : $1000 plus flight + accommodations.


Contact me with questions, thoughts, poems, etc.